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To make a visible change around you, you need a solid team that beleives in preservations strongly as we do. So come along, join us in this long but beautiful journey of fixing the planet.

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New Chapter form

This form is for people wanting to start a new chapter in their college or school. Please check that your Instituion has a chapter or not before proceeding.

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Individual Contributor Form

This form is for people who want to join YfS as an Individual volunteer. Please ensure that your institution doesn't already have a chapter to join before proceeding.

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Join Your school/college chapter

Do you want to join your Instituion's YfS chapter ? Be a part of an active community of friends from your own school/college and fight for sustainability together.

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Volunteer for Design and social media team

We are actively looking for people with creative vision and a drive to implement them successfully. If you are up for it, then this form is for you.

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Volunteer for tech team

We have a dedicated tech team that is working constatnly to ensure we stay ahead in the game at all times. A beginner or a master of the craft, we are looking for all the help we can get. If you are a beginner with a basic understanding of the tech world, then you will be mentored.

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