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We help nature smile and survive everywhere

With our numerous project initiatives, we create impact through groundwork. We make sure our projects cover varied areas and issues while being in line with our motto.

How You Can Help?

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute in their own ways. Why not start by donating to keep the cause alive?


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We care for earth, care for the coming birth

In theory, environment and nature may not be the first priority when economic development and profit-making companies seek so much attention. So, our mission is to integrate with businesses, corporates, and educational institutions to work for Sustainable Development. We aim to have 500 single-use plastic-free campuses by 2025 and integrate 100 businesses in order to instigate a cultural and habitual change in every individual to implement and practice methods of Sustainable Living.

Build Healthy Cities

We aim to promote and imply the motto to reduce the usage and reuse resources. We not only look forward to create sustainable individuals but incorporate the same into the ways of our society and make sustainability a functioning reality in our day to day lives.

Tree Plantation

It is no secret that a huge number of trees are being cut down everyday. And the rate of replenishment is not equal to the rate of felling. Hence, by periodically planting trees, we contribute in reducing this imbalance and make nature greener.

Protect Land and Water

These two natural resources which cover majority of Earth's area have been and are being depleted and polluted constantly. By organising cleaning drives, awareness campaigns and fundraising events, we redirect our efforts and capital into reviving and healing land and water.

Animal Safety

Over time, we seem to have forgotten that we share this Earth with other living beings who are in need of our steady attention. Collaborating with initiatives which work for animal welfare and safety, we contribute to the well being of our fellow members that we share this planet with.



We are Creating sustainable society, for everyone and forever.

Beach Cleaning Drives

We have a vision to make all major beaches of odisha plastic free. We understand that its a herculean task. But that is not going to stop us from taking the matter into our own hands, literally.

Connecting indigenous tribes.

YfS actively participates in and conducts major dialogues with several indigenous tribes throughout odisha. We have a aim to connect their sustainable lives with the modern era.

Global Youth Summits

With our huge volunteer base, we make sure to educate and create awareness about pressing environmental issues by conductiong international seminars and youth summits.

How we spend your donations and where it goes !

We understand that when you make a donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be transparent.

40% planting trees

35% Cleaning Drives

10% Awareness campaigns

10% Animal welfare

5% Donation drives

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