Our History

Together We Can

Seeing the environmental distress around the world, a group of young individuals have come forward to commit to actionable work for the environment. While several collectives of youth already play their part in creating awareness, our group believes in executing ideas that make a difference. We are a bunch of individuals from different parts of the nation, unitedly working to do the needful to save and serve the planet.

Our Mission

Our Mission


In theory, environment and nature may not be the first priority when economic development and profit-making companies seek so much attention. So, our mission is to integrate with businesses, corporates, and educational institutions to work for Sustainable Development. We aim to have 500 single-use plastic-free campuses by 2025 and integrate 100 businesses in order to instigate a cultural and habitual change in every individual to implement and practice methods of Sustainable Living.


Trees Planted
Beaches Cleaned
Projects Done
Plastics Recycled

Our Previous Work

With necessary actions taken and work done in the right way, the reaction often follows on its own! Here are some of the happy moments clicked and preserved whilst the youth strived to do what they do best – work to bring about a change.

#Action Before Reaction

Worthy Memmories

Theory Of Change

The theory of change explains the work we do in a simplified manner. Our work is broken down into three verticals for our supporters to get a clearer understanding of our vision and mission.

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We provide a newsletter that covers all current news related to sustainability. This news does not only cover the global affairs related to the environment but delves deeper into the activities done by small scale local organizations as they fight against climate change and environmental crisis collectively. Our newsletter is an attempt from our side to focus on local issues that happen in places situated near the localities of the citizens who support us but barely get under the limelight. The first step to bringing in a considerable change in society is to be aware of what is happening around us.

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